baby receives a craniosacral therapy treatment while sleeping peacefully

Craniosacral provides the relief your baby needs so they can stop fussing and start latching!

Gentle Touch

The lightest touch is used to release tension that may be due to a baby’s position in utero, or from the birth process. Treatments can be done while baby is feeding, sleeping or being changed.


Releasing tension within the body soon after birth can prevent future disruptions such as feeding issues, scoliosis, sleep and behaviour issues, and so much more.

Expert Care

I am a mother and a Registered Massage Therapists with extended pediatric craniosacral training. I am continuously updating my skills and am passionate about family well-being.

Resolve latch issues

Addressable Symptoms

  • clicking while feeding
  • back arching
  • side preference
  • breathing troubles
  • colic symptoms
  • flat-spots
  • gassiness at night time
  • painful latch
  • “poo-days” (skipping days)
  • reflux
  • shallow latch
  • spitting up
  • tongue ties
  • torticollis

Gas relief


Initial Visit


Including HST

Follow Up


Including HST

Parent and Baby


Receipts in Separate Names

Billable under Massage Therapy

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For Healthcare Professionals

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About the owner

Meaghan Beames RMT, CST

The beginning of her first pregnancy is where Meaghan’s fascination with birth began. She read all of the books and thought she was prepared for a new baby, but her son had a hard time breastfeeding. Meaghan spent weeks gritting her teeth through a feed. If only she had learned that Craniosacral therapy could be used for breastfeeding troubles sooner… Read more