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Meaghan Beames RMT, CST

The beginning of her first pregnancy is where Meaghan’s fascination with babies and birth began. She read all of the books and thought she was prepared for a new baby, but her son had a hard time breastfeeding. Meaghan spent weeks gritting her teeth through a feed. If only she had learned that Craniosacral therapy could be used for breastfeeding sooner – they likely would have had an easier time.

Meaghan was inspired by her first birth experience to become a doula. She took the Maternal Support Practitioner training through BeboMia. She was listening to a doula podcast one day and the episode was about craniosacral for babies. While listening, Meaghan had the biggest AH HA! moment of her life! She would be come a CranioSacral Therapist.

Meaghan traveled to Portland, Oregon, to study with Carol Gray who has beautifully curated a program specifically for Infant and Pregnancy / Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy.

Meaghan is continuously updating her knowledge and skills and has recently done so through the Kindred Academy and Gold Learning online.

In Meaghan’s spare time, she enjoys… just kidding. She has 2 kids under 4, she spends most of her time doing laundry and picking up food off the floor. But after the kids are asleep, she loves rock climbing.

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