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MyBaby’s Meaghan Beames is a lifelong learner, who’ll probably still be taking courses when she’s in her 90s. And so she gets that when it comes to practising in the fields of health and wellness, there’s ALWAYS more to learn. There are ALWAYS ways to improve your ability to help those who come to you… for help.

Since her pivot from massage therapy to infant craniosacral, Meaghan’s practice has grown to the point where it’s nearly impossible for her to keep up with demand. Which can only mean… it’s time to train some new I-CSTs!


The Intro to I-CST program is designed for practitioners with a licence to touch (lactation consultants, RMTs, doulas, midwives, NDs, MDs, chiropractors). Whether or not you can practice I-CST is determined by your individual insurance coverage and the guidelines in your province.


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We’re holding the in-person training over 5 consecutive days in the west end of Toronto. It will be easily accessible by transit and will have lots of parking close by.


Tuition is $2395 + HST

Option 1 – Pay in Full

Option 2 – 4 monthly payment ($675 deposit + 3 x $677/mth) with the deposit reserving your spot in the program.

$50 discount if all payments paid by e-transfer.

Credit cards accepted.

The first 8 students to pay their deposits receive a FREE day of preceptorship with Meaghan (valued at $275).


This program is designed to introduce you to craniosacral therapy, and teach you what you need to know in order to start using CST on babies immediately.

Learning goals:
  • Recognizing/finding the craniosacral rhythm (CSR) and understanding its importance
  • Releasing restrictions in tissues that affect the functioning of the CNS
  • Understanding the physiology of birth and how it affects the baby
  • Deepening your knowledge of the cranial bones and nervous system anatomy
  • How to complete a thorough intake focusing on the birth story & postpartum experience
  • How to perform a thorough assessment of an infant
  • Designing an individualized treatment plan for each family
  • Learning a series of craniosacral techniques (e.g. releasing cranial bones and soft tissue) that address some of the most common presentations in neonatal infants especially those that affect an infant’s ability to nurse/feed, to sleep, and those that can affect the infant’s long-term growth and development
  • Determining if/when a referral out is necessary
  • Understanding what primitive reflexes are and how to help babies integrate them
  • Note-taking and charting specific to I-CST treatments


In addition to the powerful new techniques, participants receive a certificate of completion

Intro to I-CST is the prerequisite necessary to enroll in the Advanced I-CST offered in Fall 2021.


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