Infant Craniosacral Therapy – A Powerful Treatment Tool for Birth Professionals

Ahh, babies. We love babies! Tiny hands, pudgy wrists, rose-petal-soft skin – sigh. But… wait for it… Cue the fussing! When exhausted parents turn to you for help because they’ve tried (and failed) to soothe their babies, it can feel daunting if you aren’t able to make a difference. Especially, when it’s your job to figure it out.

Whether you’re a midwife, lactation consultant, or any licensed healthcare professional working with babies, you know parents rely on your expertise. And while some issues are easy to assess and treat, others – especially where nothing ‘appears’ to be amiss – can be frustrating.

But what if you knew the basics of a bodywork system that was so effective it could help a baby sleep soundly, nurse effectively, and overcome tissue tightness resulting from in-womb positioning or the rigours of labour and delivery? Just think how much more you could do.

All babies are born, but no two births are the same. Even the smoothest of births can have lasting effects on a baby’s body. If left untreated, these can lead to avoidable health challenges in the short-term or down the road. 

All babies can benefit from the simple but surprisingly effective techniques that make up craniosacral therapy (CST). Developed by an osteopathic physician in the 1970s, CST focuses on optimizing the functioning of the nervous system. It’s a remarkable, science-based modality, developed to alleviate asymmetries and misalignments that affect the neurological system. 

Meaghan Beames, RMT, CST is excited to share her 250+ infant’s worth of experience using CST to help babies transition from the womb to the world. Meaghan was reintroduced to CST following the birth of her first child and her own struggles to breastfeed. You can read more about Meaghan’s journey here.

Over the course of this intensive training for birth professionals, Meaghan will dive into the basics of craniosacral therapy for infants, sharing stories that illustrate why her referral-based practice keeps growing (hint: her visits really help!). You’ll learn about infant skull anatomy, the physiology of birth, the cranial nervous system, releases, manipulative techniques and more – everything you need to get started.

Meaghan is passionate (bordering on obsessive!) about this work, and is thrilled to be introducing it to a new cohort of practitioners. Studies have clearly shown the efficacy of this modality, and Meaghan’s expertise in the specific techniques used to treat babies will give you the knowledge and skills you need to help more families than ever.

Still not convinced? Secure your spot in the live webinar where you can meet Meaghan, learn about specific symptoms that CST is perfect for, and how you can incorporate this work into your practice. 

Sign up below for our free CST 101 for Birth Professionals on October 28th, 20220 at 8pm.

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